Tips on Choosing the Right Car Insurance Provider in Colorado Springs

Tips on Choosing the Right Car Insurance Provider in Colorado Springs

When you’re searching for car insurance in Colorado Springs, you’re probably going to start out looking at price. While it’s important to make sure your premium fits in your budget, cost shouldn’t be the only factor in choosing a car insurance agency.

Talk to Family and Friends

Take some time to research your car insurance options. The first place to begin looking is with your family and friends. Ask them which provider they use and if they’re satisfied with them. Find out if they’ve ever had to file a claim or contact their agency for anything. Ask about customer service, claim time and other questions you might have.

Remember that most people only talk about businesses if they have complaints. You might never hear about the outstanding auto insurance agent if you don’t ask.

Look at Online Reviews

You do want to know about any problems or complaints against an auto insurance provider. You can go online and look at customer reviews for the top car insurance agencies in your area. Most people will share if they’ve had a bad experience with an agency or claims adjustor.

Take the time to search for expert reviews as well. These are professional reviewers who know what to include in a review. You can find them on financial websites as well as car sites. They will provide a lot of unbiased information about car insurance rates and agencies.

Check the Better Business Bureau

Every business can expect to have some complaints made against them even if they aren’t legitimate. It’s how they deal with such complaints that will tell you about the agency. Check with the Better Business Bureau on any car insurance providers that you’re considering.
The BBB will list the complaints and tell you if they’ve been resolved and whether the business responded. You can get some important details that will let you know if this is an agency you want to work with.

Go to Social Media

Find out if the car insurance providers you’re researching have a social media page on Facebook or Twitter. See what is posted and how active they are online. Note if followers leave comments and if the agency responds.

You may wonder what social media has to do with being a good car insurance provider. An auto insurance agency that has a social network presence proves that they stay current with trends and information. If they respond to comments, it proves they pay attention to their audience. They will probably be just as responsive and personal when you contact them with a question or concern.

Cost of car insurance premiums is an important factor when choosing a provider, but it shouldn’t be your only one. You need to know you have an agency that will help you if you should need to file a claim. They should also respond when you have a question or need information. It’s best to find out these details before you sign up with a policy.

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