Smoke Detectors Can Save Your Life and Reduce Your Home Insurance Premiums

Smoke Detectors Can Save Your Life and Reduce Your Home Insurance Premiums

You’ve seen the stories on the news. A fire started in some part of the house, and the entire building was engulfed in flames before fire crew arrived. In the most tragic circumstances, not everyone makes it out alive. Many of these situations can be prevented with working smoke detectors. Not only will your Colorado Springs home insurance premiums be more affordable, but you can protect your family and belongings with these simple devices.

What You Should Know about Installing Smoke Detectors

First, every home should have a smoke detector on each floor. This is common-sense home safety. However, you must also test these gadgets at least twice a year and replace batteries to ensure they continue to work. Don’t be like some people when they start to hear the annoying beep indicating a low battery and just take the batteries out. You haven’t really solved the situation and you’ve just put yourself and your family in danger.

You should also know where to place these detectors. It’s recommended to have one on every floor, especially near the bedrooms. You’ll need to replace them as they age even if you install new batteries.

If you have rental properties or a business, you may be required by law to install smoke detectors. Make sure you know the law and have it included in a lease that all smoke detectors are to be kept in working order.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Modern smoke detectors have a lot more features than just beeping to tell you when there’s a fire. They can be connected to your smartphone, which will alert you if there’s a fire in your house even when you aren’t home. You may also get an alert if the batteries need to be replaced.

Some of these gadgets include carbon monoxide detectors while others are designed to detect smoke and fire. Common smoke detectors will notice the presence of smoke and sound an alarm. However, some modern devices will detect the presence of heat in a fast-flaming fire that doesn’t have a lot of smoke. They will sound an alarm to alert you. This type of fire moves fast and is the cause of many deaths because the traditional smoke detectors didn’t work soon enough.

You can find these smoke detectors at most home improvement stores and electronics stores. Compare products and read reviews to determine which is the best option for your home or property.

You may be eligible for a discount on your Colorado Springs home insurance if you have a smoke detector. You can also ask your agent about discounts if you’ve purchased a smart smoke detector.

Even with the best devices installed to protect your home, accidents happen. It’s a good idea to talk to your insurance agent and make sure you have adequate coverage in the case of a fire. Fires can cause total loss of your home and the contents. You want to make sure your policy provides enough coverage for you to rebuild and to replace your personal possessions in the case of a major fire.

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