How Points Impact Your Auto Insurance Rates

How Points Impact Your Auto Insurance Rates

If you’re shopping for auto insurance in Colorado Springs, one of the questions you’ll have to answer is if you’ve had any traffic violations or claims. If the answer is yes, you’re likely going to be paying more for your insurance policy because of the points on your driving record. It’s important to understand what points are and how they impact your ability to get affordable car insurance.

What are Points?

When you get a ticket for speeding or another traffic violation, you may have so many points added to your driver’s license. You are also assessed for points if you’re at fault in a car accident or if you receive a ticket in an accident.

When you get a certain number of points, your license can be suspended. More serious violations can mean more points. It’s important to know that it isn’t necessarily just one point for each incident.

Important Facts about Points

When you’re looking for a new policy for car insurance in Colorado Springs, it’s important to know the facts about points and how they impact your rates.

  • Nonmoving violations don’t usually result in points – this includes parking tickets
  • First offenses may not end up being used against you – even if the offense shows up as points on your driving record, they may not be recorded as insurance points
  • Some insurance providers offer points forgiveness for a first occurrence – it means you won’t pay a higher rate for your first ticket
  • Some insurance providers use their own points system rather than the points from the DMV on your license
  • Points fall off in time – after so many years, the oldest points will fall off which will improve your rates as long as you don’t add any new points
  • You can get points taken off by attending a safe driver course – ask your insurance agent if it will improve your rates if you take a driving course; many times even an online class counts
  • Talk to Your Agent

    If you have been involved in an accident or received a traffic ticket, you should talk to your agent about how it will affect your rates. Don’t try to hide it when you’re shopping for car insurance in Colorado Springs because the insurance agency will check your record. It’s better to be upfront and find out how you can offset any extra cost.

    Don’t assume an incident will raise your rates before you talk to your agent. Even if you find out you are paying higher rates because of a previous ticket or accident, you can ask about ways to lower your costs. Most providers will give discounts that will help reduce your rate.

    An accident or traffic ticket can cause your insurance premiums to go up dramatically, especially if it was a major accident or violation. Talk to your agent to find out how you can offset these costs and make your insurance policy more affordable until the points fall off your record.

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