Choose Renter’s or Homeowner’s Insurance That is Customized to Your Needs


Your home is more than where you hang your hat. It is also one of your largest investments. Colorado has many weather challenges including wind and hail. We offer multiple homeowners packages that range from the most basic to the broadest level of coverage in the industry. You choose what works best for your needs and budget!


Condo or Townhome Insurance is NOT the same as Homeowners Insurance. For one, your Condo or Townhome policy must work with your HOA (Home Owners Association) policy. This is tricky! We have the expertise to make sure you are getting the right coverage.


Even if you don’t own a home, you own stuff, right?? Renters Insurance is a low cost option that provides protection for your belongings including a few extras. Also, you can qualify for additional discounts by bundling your auto insurance.


Minimum expectations shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg

We're here to help

Selecting the right replacement coverage to protect your home can be tricky. Face it, no one truly knows the exact cost to replace your home and belongings, until your are staring at a total loss. At the John Smith Agency, our team uses industry specific software that enables us to get an accurate replacement cost to rebuild your home. Not to worry, we are you advocates!

Maximize your discounts

Its simple... The more you bundle, the lower your costs. Make us your one stop shop for all of your insurance needs. We can insure your auto, small business, motorcycle or your watercraft to make things easier and more affordable for you.

Am I covered?

What if my dog bites my neighbor? Liability coverage for dog bites are included with the basic home policy however, aggressive dog breeds are excluded from coverage. Is your current insurance company offering you coverage?

Technology At Your Fingertips

Register your home policy online or through our mobile app to make it easy to pay your bill, make a change or view your policy. No need to wait until the office opens for you to get what you want, when you want it.

24/7 Claims

A home loss can be devastating and we want to advocate for you. You can file a claim 24/7. Our best in class claim services will help guide you through your loss to help you get back where you were before this loss happened.

Coverages You Can Count On

Coloradans have faced all sorts of weather challenges. From wild fires to windstorms and hail losses, it's important to have the basics covered!


When you want more than the basics, we have options to customize your home policy.

Just the way you want it!

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

Basic homeowners policies are limited if you exceed the cost of rebuilding your home after a loss. Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage takes the worry out of it. When you choose this option, Guaranteed Replacement Cost provides unlimited coverage to rebuild your home. Just the way it was...

Is My Stuff Covered To It's Full Replacement Value?

Basic homeowners policies depreciate the cost of your contents. Why haggle with the insurance company over the cost of a 5 year old sofa? With Replacement contents coverage, your coverage will allow you the value of a new item so that you can quickly get your life back.

Is My Jewelry Covered?

Basic homeowners policies have limited coverage for extra things like jewelry, firearms, collector stamps or cards. Why? The average homeowner may not need this coverage. If you are a collector or just have more than the average homeowner, not to worry. We can add extra coverage, customized for your needs, for that collection so that your investment is covered.

Worried about a flood?

Whether you live in a flood plain or not, the possibility that your home could flood is devastating. Basic homeowners insurance does not include coverage for a flood. Flood Insurance reimburses you for damage to your home and property caused by flood. If you opt to not get flood, the government may provide assistance in form of a loan that must be repaid with interest. Anyway you go about it, flood is a risk that we can help you with.

What If I Have A Sewer Back Up In My Home. Am I Covered?

Basic homeowners policies don't provide coverage for losses due to a water back up. Let us help you find the right coverage to protect what is most important to you.

What happens if someone steals my identity? Do I have coverage?

With basic homeowners insurance, you are not. For a low cost, we can remedy that by adding Identity Theft Protection. This coverage will provide resources if you need to hire an attorney to help you restore your identity.


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